Gossip Girl Got Tickled…

Hey hey hey! I’m back for another day but I think I have to get rid for the classy and high society hearsay and rumors for a while.

Gee! I haven’t slept for years now for grabbing those gossips in New York. Well, I guess I have to respect other’s privacy now because karma is just around and it might fuck me up in just a snap or maybe tickled me when it comes around.


Okay, I have to confess that yesterday I experienced karma for the reason of having tittle-tattle about Serena and Blair but now the scandal is on mine.

You know Guys, I think this is the best damn motherfuckin’ thing that happens to me, okay, listen… yesterday, I dropped by on a dentist to have a my teeth rinsed and whitened because I suck my boyfriend’s cock a day ago and swallowed his cum but the color of his sticky jizz was stuck on my teeth even though I brushed it several times. Okay, here it goes, I thought it was just a game until this horny dentist tied me, cabled me and twined my arms and feet on her single hard rockin’ bed! She strips off my dress and now, I was completely naked and bare! Fuck, this horny lesbian! What I hated the most is when she starts to strike her hands on my flesh and tickled me all over my body including my neck, armpits, feet, stomach, nape, my tits, my hard-rockin’ scrumptious nipples and fuck, my wide open mouth-watering vagina! Damn this !


But you know what… it was fun. I thought it was petrifying… well, yes… at first. But if you’re on the climax… damn! It feels like heaven, baby!!! So, I guess I love this horny tickling bitch because tickle hardcore would be my new fetish now! Do you think its karma? Well, yes a good karma! Oh Well, see you at the next season… You know you Love me…


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