What’s the Secret behind Hercules’ Death…

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Not all heroes win and treasure the triumph in the end. Heroes are not always strong, sturdy and strapping.

Remember, they all have their limitations, all of them have boundaries and all the good things they’ve done also comes to an end… and so are they…


But you wanna know what is the Achilles ‘heel and where is the vulnerable spot of our heroes if you wanna bring them down and fuck them into pieces?

Get to know the story of the legendary tale of the Godliest Hero…


Remember, girls are the ones who tore Hercules down into pieces. So get your systems loaded, lend your ears and feast your eyes on the secrets behind Hercules’ death. I know that you guys didn’t know that Hercules was twined and cabled on one horrifying bed from the gruesome girls of . Anyway, Hercules can get out of that bed in just a snap and save himself but with the strike of these horny girls’ hands, his mighty muscles, bulky biceps and shirt-ripping chests are slowly fading away.


Lock your eyes and feast your eyes on how Hercules hollers out loud and shrieks out for help and surrender because he cannot even breathe and get some air anymore every time are whipping and striking their horny hands into Hercules’ muscular cuts including his neck, armpits, nape, stomach, feet and his hard-rockin’ cock! And that was Hercules’ weakest spot! Poor Hunk (sigh)…

And remember, that all heroes always come to an end…

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Gossip Girl Got Tickled…

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Hey hey hey! I’m back for another day but I think I have to get rid for the classy and high society hearsay and rumors for a while.

Gee! I haven’t slept for years now for grabbing those gossips in New York. Well, I guess I have to respect other’s privacy now because karma is just around and it might fuck me up in just a snap or maybe tickled me when it comes around.


Okay, I have to confess that yesterday I experienced karma for the reason of having tittle-tattle about Serena and Blair but now the scandal is on mine.

You know Guys, I think this is the best damn motherfuckin’ thing that happens to me, okay, listen… yesterday, I dropped by on a dentist to have a my teeth rinsed and whitened because I suck my boyfriend’s cock a day ago and swallowed his cum but the color of his sticky jizz was stuck on my teeth even though I brushed it several times. Okay, here it goes, I thought it was just a game until this horny dentist tied me, cabled me and twined my arms and feet on her single hard rockin’ bed! She strips off my dress and now, I was completely naked and bare! Fuck, this horny lesbian! What I hated the most is when she starts to strike her hands on my flesh and tickled me all over my body including my neck, armpits, feet, stomach, nape, my tits, my hard-rockin’ scrumptious nipples and fuck, my wide open mouth-watering vagina! Damn this !


But you know what… it was fun. I thought it was petrifying… well, yes… at first. But if you’re on the climax… damn! It feels like heaven, baby!!! So, I guess I love this horny tickling bitch because tickle hardcore would be my new fetish now! Do you think its karma? Well, yes a good karma! Oh Well, see you at the next season… You know you Love me…


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The Dark Side of Tickle Hardcore

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Have you seen the movies like Saw, Hostel or even The Ring?

Well, I’ll gonna show you one thing that will totally kick these scary and morbid movies out of hell! It’s more spine-tingling than Saw, hair-raising like Hostel or more chilling and macabre than The Ring!

The Dark Side of Tickle HardcoreThe Dark Side of Tickle Hardcore

Right now, three gruesome girls from will dive in to the most grisly and repugnant fetish that will extremely fuck your brains out! Get your systems loaded and feast your eyes on these two morbid girls as they twined and roped their girlfriend on one bed and torture her with no mercy and compassion! Spoil yourself on this dark tickle hardcore fetish as these two brutal bitches stroke their hands on this anguished and tortured girl’s body and tickle her with no clemency. They will never ever give up on tickling this poor girl’s naked body until she lost her breath! This poor persecuted girl has nothing to do but scream out loud and holler out for surrender but sorry girl, nobody would like to facilitate you! In someway, this motherfuckin’ ghastly kind of fetish also proffers pleasure, gratification and delight that will totally fulfill your craving orgasms from these groundbreaking tickle hardcore hotties. It is a .

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UFC Tickle Mania

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At the right corner wearing nothing except her damn massive cellulites weighing 240lbs with great huge tits, hard-rockin’ nipples and fat lip-smacking pussy… the undefeated Western White Girl of Tickle Hardcore… Winona “The Whale” Wider.

At the left corner wearing a black covered catsuit… ooops… I’m sorry… I said she’s wearing nothing weighing 99.9lbs with her sexy sculptured body, scrumptious tits (I can’t see her nipples, anyway…), a short swing out sister hair, and her mouth-watering chocolate pussy… please welcome the “Knockout Queen” of Tickle Hardcore… Whitney “BlackPussy” Tyson!

UFC Tickle ManiaUFC Tickle Mania

Get your systems loaded and feast your eyes on these two horny tickle hardcore perverts as they strip off their sexy clothes and dive in to the most extreme Tickle Hardcore Wrestling Mania (if only they could jump in to the mud and start the catfight). But this one is totally different, they’re not hurting each other but they’re enjoying their selves on the way they strike their hands on each other’s naked body and get the most extreme tickle hardcore… the more tickle, the winner but the first who will admit defeat is obviously the loser. So get your systems loaded and let these horny tickle perverts fuck your brains out with extreme pain and pleasure!

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Motherfuckin’ Tickle Hardcore Hoes!

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Fuck these bitches! Whew!

Tickle Hardcore Hoes

But these girls just wanna have fun… nothing serious. But guess what? These motherfuckin’ tickle tempting hoes is ready to get down, dirty, nasty and extremely roguish with each other… in a serious way… I guess. But what the fuck are they doin? I just love the way how these horny tickling girlfriends fucked each other in a unique way.

Feast your eyes on the way how this one hot tickling blonde tied up her Asian girlfriend with her hands roped up high… and extremely and totally barenaked with her mouth-watering pussy exposed while her legs were totally wide open. She thought this would turn out to be terrifying and horrible, but she ends up laughing out loud and gratified with tickling pleasure especially on the way this tickling blonde bitch strikes her hand on her girlfriend’s naked body and tickle her including her armpits, neck, nape, stomach, legs, her huge tits, hard-rockin’ nipples and her luscious pussy! She can’t let go or get rid of this because she was completely tied up.

There’s nothing she can do but scream out loud, laugh out harder and holler out for help but no one will listen to you bitch… poor you! Hahahaha!

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The Sandwich Spread of Tickle Horror

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Fuck this shit! Get these two horny hot mamas as they strip off and get completely barenaked and get petrified by pleasure on this… uhmm… whatever you call this bed!

The Sandwich Spread of Tickle Horror

Two lovely hoes will dive once again in one great and terrifying fun that will tickle your orgasms in a different stage! Feast your eyes on the way they are roped in a sandwich method way in the horrifying bed of tickle hardcore! They’re totally barenaked, hot but their hands and feet were tightly roped in the X-shaped bed for extreme tickle torment and gratifying indulgence! If only I could help these motherfuckers but it’s better to see them in !

The Sandwich Spread of Tickle Horror

Well, life’s like that and if fetish like this can extremely fulfill and tickle my fantasies! Whew!

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The Agony of the Big-mouthed Battered Wife

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Women are so powerful when it comes to verbal war, but don’t let men hit you back with their fury and antagonism. Remember, men are still physically powerful and burly and they can fuck your shit in just a snap!

Well, if you don’t believe this then you’d better fuck this!


One big-mouthed wifey has nothing to do but to flay and criticize her poor lazy and jobless husband. Well, he cannot fuck her mouth off the whole day, but if I was there Oh man my ears are already bleeding out! Anyway, it is time to make this big-mouthed motherfucker to stitch her mouth and let this poor lazy bastard seeks for revenge!


Get your systems loaded as this crazy husband tied and wired her fuckin’ wifey on the X-shaped bed of Tickle Hardcore and strip her clothes and starts to persecute and maltreat her poor wifey! Feast your eyes on the way this gratified husband strikes his badly-behaved hands on his wifey’s naked flesh and tickle her on every corner and angle of her body including her neck, nape, armpits, stomach, knees, feet, legs, her huge massive tits and of course, her mouth-watering pussy! If only I could cover my ears when this tickled battered wife screams out loud and holler out for help… but I’m sorry, no one’s listening to you bitch! There’s nothing she can do but to shout out for help but it’s good to hear no evil! This bastard husband never ever gets rid of striking his hands on his wifey’s body and tickles her til she lost her breath… ohh…what

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Black, Beautiful and Bad Tickle Torment

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Black is beautiful while tickling is fun and torture… so what’s the connection?

Two hot and tempting black couples get down, dirty and naughty. One ill-disciplined black papi roped his black girlfriend’s arm and feet at the four corners of their bed, but why? Because this beautiful black bitch wants to have some fucking fun and pleasure with her boyfriend that’s why he gave her the most unique fetish that will tickle her orgasm like hell!

Tickle Torment

Now, get your systems loaded as this horny black bastard tied her girlfriend’s arms and feet and tickle her on every part of her body. This poor lovely black bitch can’t control herself but to laugh out loud, scream, holler, and cry out for help but her boyfriend won’t let go and keeps on persecuting her. Well, she wants some tempting fun then her boyfriend gives her the most and only one of

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Desperate Housewives of Tickle Hardcore

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Desperate Housewives of Tickle Hardcore

Nah! This is not Sex and the City nor Lipstick Jungle neither the new season of Desperate Housewives because these four horny MILFs will rock your orgasms with the unique kind of hardcore fetish with full of petrifying pleasure and terrifying delight!

Desperate Housewives of Tickle Hardcore

Did you get what I mean? Well, let’s just get our systems fuckin’ loaded as these four tickling motherfuckers will dive into the most extreme tickling hardcore fetish with this one guy as their poor victim who got tied, roped and wired on his bed! I love the way these sexy Tickling bitches take off their clothes and get extremely bare-naked with this poor guy and show the world that they can kick Samantha’s ass, Carrie’s charisma, Charlotte’s beauty and Miranda’s fury! Feast your eyes on the way these four horny tickling queens strike their badly-behaved hands on this tortured guy’s body. Spoil yourself on the way they tickle this poor bastard on his neck, nape, armpits, stomach, and hips and including his dick! Hahah! Horny Pervs! Fucking MILFS! Whew!

Oh man, never ever miss the way this boy screams out loud for help and holler out for surrender because he cannot take anymore how hardcore these horny tickling moms could be! Well, at this point, there are no rules, no boundaries and no limits!

Tsk tsk… better luck next time boy!

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The MotherFucking Tickle Queen

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There is nothing you can do if your moms stipulated and make orders on what you should and must do. Until you’re living with your mom under one roof, you will be still following her regulations and unbreakable rules.

Tickle Queen

Just like this Horny Mom whose orgasm is still proactive, positive and upbeat! Anyway, she’s a good mother… a good mother fucker… and a mother fucker for her son. Why did I say so? Well, just look at the way she punishes her son and get down and dirty with his only brat. That’s why they say that “unico hijos” are spoiled or must be spoiled. She loves her son so much that’s why until this kid grew up, she adores him a lot and treats him like a baby. Feast your eyes on the way she tied her only child on the four corners of his bed and blindfolded him.

This fucking MILF adores getting her son barenaked and strikes her hand on every angle of his body. She was very passionate on tickling his son for . She will never ever gave up until this young bastard stops laughing and hollering out for help! Actually, this kid cannot breathe anymore because of his mom’s rudeness. But he enjoys every strike of her mom’s horny hands on his body for a tickling pleasure or maybe that will gratify their orgasms like hell.

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