The Agony of the Big-mouthed Battered Wife

Women are so powerful when it comes to verbal war, but don’t let men hit you back with their fury and antagonism. Remember, men are still physically powerful and burly and they can fuck your shit in just a snap!

Well, if you don’t believe this then you’d better fuck this!


One big-mouthed wifey has nothing to do but to flay and criticize her poor lazy and jobless husband. Well, he cannot fuck her mouth off the whole day, but if I was there Oh man my ears are already bleeding out! Anyway, it is time to make this big-mouthed motherfucker to stitch her mouth and let this poor lazy bastard seeks for revenge!


Get your systems loaded as this crazy husband tied and wired her fuckin’ wifey on the X-shaped bed of Tickle Hardcore and strip her clothes and starts to persecute and maltreat her poor wifey! Feast your eyes on the way this gratified husband strikes his badly-behaved hands on his wifey’s naked flesh and tickle her on every corner and angle of her body including her neck, nape, armpits, stomach, knees, feet, legs, her huge massive tits and of course, her mouth-watering pussy! If only I could cover my ears when this tickled battered wife screams out loud and holler out for help… but I’m sorry, no one’s listening to you bitch! There’s nothing she can do but to shout out for help but it’s good to hear no evil! This bastard husband never ever gets rid of striking his hands on his wifey’s body and tickles her til she lost her breath… ohh…what

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